Swebor Armor


Most Ballistic Protection steels are hardened martensitic steels. To achieve a proper hardening plenty of chill is required. In the Arctic climate of Jokkmokk there are no better conditions in the world to harden steel. This has been proven since 1982 and many the famous Armor steel brands have been or are being hardened here.

Swebor Armor 500 is a low alloyed ballistic protection steel. Swebor Armor 500 is available in thickness 2,0-40 mm. Low carbon and manganese content in combination with its very carefully controlled heating, rolling and cooling sequences gives Swebor Armor 500 its good combination of hardness, high strength, weldability and ballistic protection ability.


Swebor Armor 500 can be used in most protection applications. Swebor Armor 500 has excellent ballistic protection properties in combination with high hardness and strength but still remains easy to handle in the workshop. Recommended thickness for each protection level is shown in the linked table below. To verify actual ballistic protection properties, test must be performed for each application.


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